About Us

Founded in 2010, FROYA has established itself as the one stop shop for the trendiest & best selling Fashion From a top customer service team & caring sales associates to competitive pricing & high quality prices, it's no wonder why Froya Clothing is the top supplier of women's apparel to some of the biggest stores & boutiques in the country.

At Froya, we aim to provide our fashion girls with the best hip, edgy, and street chic styles of the latest trends. Selling three different labels, Froya Clothing covers a variety of distinct looks to spice up our girls’ closet with brands like Hippie Chic, Raggs II Riches, and West Coast Love. Designed with love in Los Angeles, and manufactured in different countries as well as US, our styles focuses on comfort while giving a touch of trend and beauty.

Froya Clothing originates from the cultural melting pot of Los Angeles, where each style has its own unique personality and a West Coast vibe. Hippie Chic gives a young contemporary, hip style while Raggs II Riches is more of a casual, streetwear fashion for juniors.   Finally, West Coast Love is perfect for juniors with a feminine flare.  Need an outfit for a day on the beach, or for a shopping spree at the city? Look no further, Froya provides trendy pants or a chic mini dress! Pair these with modern-styled tops or a light colorful cardigan! If you’re going for a more chillaxed look, wear our comfortable leggings in a multitude of colors and a thin, flowy top to match.

Froya has fused the most popular clothing trends to deliver vibrant and charming styles to make our girls feel confident all day long.

New items are uploaded daily so check back with us often for our latest styles!